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One of the world’s largest market research companies operating in more than 90 countries.

By partnering with Ipsos you can promote a rewards community, Ipsos iSay with millions of members celebrating the power of voice!

Earn revenue through your audience and marketing channels while promoting a brand you can trust and an opportunity for others to earn rewards through sharing their opinions.

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  • Established and reputable brand

    Ipsos iSay is owned by Ipsos, a well-known and respected market research company with a long history of providing valuable insights to governments, societies and brands. Affiliates can benefit from this reputation by partnering with a company that has built trust with its clients.

  • High-quality surveys

    Ipsos iSay offers high-quality surveys that are designed to be engaging and interesting for participants. This means you can offer your audience a chance to participate in surveys that are both interesting and reward them for each survey they complete.

  • Generous compensation

    Affiliates earn commissions on every person they recruit to sign up for the Ipsos iSay panel - which can add up quickly over time.

  • Easy to use platform

    Ipsos iSay uses Impact Radius, a user-friendly platform that makes it easy for you to sign up, track your progress and access marketing materials. This means you can focus on promoting Ipsos iSay and earning commissions.

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