Ipsos iSay Influencers

What is the Ipsos iSay Influencers Community?

Ipsos iSay Influencers is a special community of Ipsos iSay members who are interested in taking part in real-time research studies. These studies include pre-scheduled live research events in which you complete an interactive survey at the same time as other Ipsos iSay members studies and potentially a follow-up webcam discussion group.

How do I join Ipsos iSay Influencers?

To become an Ipsos iSay Influencer, simply fill out your “Special Studies and Communities” profiling survey and let us know you’re interested.

I joined Ipsos iSay Influencers. How can I take part in the live research events?

If we have a live study that we think might be a good fit for you, we’ll invite you to take a qualifying survey. If you are a good match for the study, then we’ll ask if you’d like to take part. You can access these qualifying surveys simply by taking Ipsos iSay surveys on our website, through email, or in our app.

Be sure to keep your profiling surveys up to date. Completing your profile helps us match you to more relevant studies, including qualifying surveys for live research events.

I took a survey and qualified for a real-time research study, so why wasn’t I chosen to take part?

Not everyone who qualifies will ultimately be selected for the live event part of the study. It depends on how many other qualified participants took the survey. Please keep taking surveys – we conduct new research events regularly!

I have signed up for a live research study. When is it taking place?

After you are invited to and sign up for the live study, we will send you a confirmation email with the details, including date, time, and duration of the study. We encourage you to arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of the live online study so that we can start on time.

How do I access the live study or web-came group that I signed up for?

You will receive a confirmation email with detailed instructions, including a link to join the study and an access code. The link may not be live until shortly before the study begins. We encourage you to arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of the live online study so that we can start on time.

What if I am unable to participate or no longer wish to take part in a live study that I have signed up for?

Should you change your mind and not wish to participate, please simply disregard the reminder emails that you receive before the live study. Afterward, you will not be contacted further by Ipsos for that project.