Ipsos iSay Product Influencers

What is the Ipsos iSay Product Influencers Community?

Ipsos iSay Product Influencers is a special community of Ipsos iSay members who are interested in taking part in studies that involve trying products under special circumstances and sharing their experience follow-up surveys.

How do I join Ipsos iSay Product Influencers?

To become an Ipsos iSay Product Influencer, simply fill out your “Special Studies and Communities” profiling survey and let us know you’re interested.

I joined Ipsos iSay Product Influencers. How can I take part in product testing studies?

If we have a product test that we think might be a good fit for you, we’ll invite you to take a qualifying survey. If you are a good match for the study, then we’ll ask if you’d like to take part. You can access these qualifying surveys simply by taking Ipsos iSay surveys on our website, through email, or in our app.

Be sure to keep your profiling surveys up to date. Completing your profile helps us match you to more relevant studies, including qualifying surveys for product tests.

I took a survey and qualified for a product test, so why wasn’t I chosen to test the product?

Not everyone who qualifies will ultimately be selected for the product test portion of the study. It depends on how many other qualified participants took the survey. Please keep taking surveys – we conduct new product test studies regularly!

When will my test product arrive?

We’ll send you an email to let you know when we ship your test product. This might be a few days or a couple weeks from the initial survey, so keep an eye on your email inbox.

Who will send the test product and what will the package look like?

The package is sent by “Ipsos iSay Panel.” Most of our test products are shipped in a plain white box via a standard shipping carrier. We’ll often add an Ipsos sticker to the outside of the box to help it stand out from the rest of your mail.

What should I do once I receive my test product?

We’ll include instructions in the package – be sure to read and follow carefully!

I’m done testing. How do I take my follow-up survey?

When it’s time to share your opinions, we’ll send you an email invitation to take the follow-up survey. The follow-up survey will also be available on your Ipsos iSay dashboard.

What should I do if I have a bad reaction to the test product?

In the unlikely circumstance that you experience a reaction or other medical issue related to the test product:

  • Stop using the product
  • Call the medical phone number included on the product label or accompanying instructions letter
  • Seek medical attention if needed

Then please follow up and Contact Us to report the reaction.