200 Ipsos Foundation Points

200 Ipsos Foundation Points
Promoting Access to Education for disadvantaged Children and Youth

According to UNESCO, 264 million children around the world are currently out-of-school and therefore deprived from achieving their full potential.

At Ipsos, we believe that equipping all future citizens with basic skills is a prerequisite for removing obstacles to active participation in society. This is why in 2014 we decided to use our resources to support education among the communities we live in worldwide and launched the Ipsos Foundation. The Foundation rests on three principles:

Providing access to education for disadvantaged children and youths, in particular, but not exclusively, those who have been forcibly displaced.

Supporting innovative and nonverbal education, which often fits the specific requirements of children and youths affected by forcible displacement and other traumatic experiences.

Funding projects through vetted, already existing and reputable non-profit organizations and corporate foundations.

Since its creation, the Ipsos Foundation has funded 98 projects in 43 different countries, for a total amount of over €2.6M. Over the years, we have built schools in Nepal, Ghana and Zambia, provided books in the USA, Hong Kong, South Africa and Haiti, supported the education of children with severe illnesses in Russia, the Philippines and Kazakhstan. And these are only a few examples.

The Ipsos Foundation operates operate on all continents, with the support of a “Foundation ambassador” in each market. The list of our ambassadors can be accessed on the right of this page. They are the go-to persons if you have a project to propose.

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